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Two Hearts in Time

Excerpt: Two Hearts in Time

     “Reesa?” She opened her eyes to a smile that lacked only a canary feather between the man’s lips to indicate self-satisfaction. Sonrisa swung from the hammock.

     Miguel cocked an eyebrow suggestively. “You are weary this morning?”

     Sexual banter wasn’t safe; every nerve ending in Sonrisa’s body zinged with remembered pleasure and longed for more. “I was resting up for the journey ahead. When do we start?”

     He pooched his lips. “You are so eager to leave me?”

     “I just want to find my way back to my time if possible. Seeing Nicte made me realize how much I miss my nieces and nephews.”

    “To  part with a loved one is the worst torture.” No longer flirtatious, his eyes shadowed, Miguel looked past her at something far away in his mind.

     Sensing he needed comfort she dare not offer or she’d melt into his arms, Sonrisa retreated a few steps. “I will find a way back home.”

     “As you should,” he said, his face a mask now.

     “You could help me.”

     “If you mean guide you to Merida, I cannot.”

     “Just as you cannot give up your thievery?”

     “There are things that you do not understand, Gringa.”

     Things like a woman’s name spoken in passion? “Isabel is in Merida, isn’t she?”

     Wariness slid into his expression. “What do you know of my wife?”

     “You are married then.” So why did she, Sonrisa, feel betrayed?

     “I told you, I have no obligations as a husband.”

     “And you want none, do you? You like the adventurer’s life: easy women, easy money from stolen treasures.”

     “You know nothing about what you say,” he shot back, eyelids narrowed. “And you break your promise of last night.”

     He responded to her puzzled frown with a snort. “You scold, and twenty-four hours are not passed.”

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