Celebrating A Stellar Year

September marks the first anniversary of my debut novel’s world wide release. The world paid Two Hearts in Time little notice. To my knowledge, the only foreign sale was to a friend in Canada. Truth to tell, online sales have been minimal. I did sell a lot of paperbacks in person, which is probably normal for first novels whose authors are willing to get out among ‘em.

Today I reflect on what a ride this year has been for an octogenarian. Non-monetary rewards have enriched me beyond belief. I discovered the loyalty of friends who traveled miles, many miles, for my presentations––repeatedly. Those who live close by showed up every time I spoke in this area. I learned to do a slide presentation of photos I took among the Maya ruins in Yucatan, where the book is set. To my greater delight, I rediscovered my ability to speak before a large group. Decades had passed since I did that.

Since the past January when we made a major downsizing move, personal appearance have been difficult. Hubby and I have taken turns with health issues, one of which forced me to cancel a two day workshop I’d scheduled. We did make one seven hour journey for a presentation in a town near my old home stomping grounds. What a blast, speaking to a capacity crowd that included the nursing school instructor who had been the flower-girl at our wedding 63 years earlier. Other old friends were there as well, and to top it off I received an honorarium.

A novel and its sequel in progress await serious attention when I’m running and gunning again after knee replacement surgery in a couple of weeks. After those two books are in print, there’s a mystery I’d like to finish.

Meanwhile, the ongoing saga of trying to figure out how to promote my work online screams for attention. I grew up under the mantra, “Can’t never did anything,” and I’m making progress. My hubby will testify to the wailing, groaning, tearing of hair that accompanies this process.

Let’s see now if I can take you to Amazon Books to read several 5 star reviews of this romantic time travel adventure set among Yucatan’s Maya ruins and in 19th century Merida. In this book you  climb the trellis with Don Juan Miguel Zamora y Balam to the second floor room where American, Sonrisa Lyons is confined in a sheer negligee. Enemies in La Casa de Zamora must never learn of their true relationship. I think you will love to know every detail from their first encounter in a caved–in ruin to the moment of decision in that very mansion. Will they overcome evil and remain together? Or will she return to her coveted career in the 21st century?

Click on one of the links that follow. If the Force is with me, you’ll find Two Hearts in Time by Raymona Marie Anderson.










2 thoughts on “Celebrating A Stellar Year

  1. sumac57 August 26, 2016 / 10:36 am

    For other writers who are past middle age and still hoping to publish (like me), this blog post is so inspiring! Raymona is the intrepid guide who picks up her pen (or machete) and hacks her way through the jungle of publishing and promotion. She is blazing the trail — or perhaps slogging through the underbrush– so that we can be spared some of the anguish. Your efforts have made me feel like it is possible to write a good book and find an audience. That’s a good thing!

    Meanwhile, Two Hearts in Time remains one of my favorite novels of all time. Love, adventure, mystery and suspense. What more could a reader want? Get cracking on those other books, Raymona!


    • Raymona Anderson August 30, 2016 / 5:24 pm

      Dear Sue,

      What a wonderful comment. I didn’t read it before I clicked on approve. Just now did. You are such a dear friend and heart sister always. I really am anxious to get cracking on those other books. Dread the coming two months, but who knows–maybe I’ll be able to get to spend time at the computer sooner than I fear. Although, in the pre-op class yesterday we were told we’d be on a walker for FOUR WEEKS. Arrgh. That means I’ll have to get here, maneuver into the chair with rollers which is on a hard plastic rub protector. Somehow, maybe…


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