Waiting for Magnolias Epilogue

Shortly after listing our house on Mayflower Road in Bentonville, Arkansas for sale, I wrote about our magnolia tree that hadn’t bloomed in the nine years we’d lived there.  The wisteria out back had just shown us its glory for the first time that month after giving us the impression we might never see a bloom on it either.

The gist of the post was how the unexpected things can sometimes outdo what we’d hoped for that never happens.

Our plan to buy another house changed. The duplex we chose already feels better than the responsibilities that come with so much square footage and an acre. My husband found room in the double garage here for his rock trim saw and more rocks than I imagined he could keep there. Three weeks after the move we found room for my car as well. Under the kitchen windows is the table he uses for work space to create wire-wrapped pendants.

This is the newest structure we’ve ever lived in. There’s a real utility room and a walk-in closet. One bedroom of three became our office, just enough space for each to work on our computers, and room for me to store the writing paraphernalia I really need.

When tornado season comes around, we’ll have a space to seek shelter that isn’t on an outside wall. All good.

True, many mementos  went for safekeeping to the son who lives close by. Someday he and the rest of the family can deal with the things he has room to store at present. Perfect solution  for us at least.

My husband remarks often about how much he’s enjoying the change. There’s no big yard to keep. No magnolia to anticipate, or wisteria to admire, but easier life for a couple of oldsters. As housekeeper-in-chief I love counting the few steps it takes to get from laundry to both bathrooms, and the open design of our kitchen, dining and living area.

Thorns might appear yet, but among our strengths are the genes to persevere and adapt handed down in each of our bloodlines.






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